The Weather Chronicles: Kashmir’s perplexing fashion conundrum

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3 min readJun 1, 2023


In the mystical land of Kashmir, where the mountains kiss the sky and the valleys cradle serenity, a peculiar phenomenon has been unraveling. Summer, known for its sun-drenched days and balmy evenings, has taken an extended vacation, leaving the Kashmiri people perplexed and trapped in a sartorial limbo. As they struggle to choose between shedding their winter garments and embracing the elusive warmth, let us embark on a satirical adventure to explore this unprecedented weather conundrum.

Summer rainbows and winter coats

Picture this: a sunny morning beckoning the people of Kashmir to leave their cozy abodes and welcome summer with open arms. Hope is in the air as they hurriedly don their vibrant summer outfits, only to be caught off guard by an unexpected downpour moments later. Umbrellas turn inside out, colorful flip-flops transform into waterlogged sponges, and laughter gives way to exasperated sighs. The wardrobe crisis deepens.

The unpredictable crystal ball

Enter the weather forecasters, the clairvoyants of atmospheric conditions. Armed with their meteorological instruments and whimsical interpretations of swirling clouds, they attempt to guide the Kashmiri folk through this tempestuous summer. But alas, their forecasts are as capricious as the weather itself. “Partial sunshine with a chance of showers” becomes a Kafkaesque phrase synonymous with disappointment. The people shake their heads, realizing that their hopes for a sun-soaked day are as fleeting as a rainbow’s end.

Fashion police on patrol

In the battle between summer sensibilities and winter warmth, the fashion police are on high alert. They patrol the streets of Kashmir, armed with style rulebooks and a knack for witty remarks. Those daring enough to embrace summer attire are met with raised eyebrows and thinly veiled scoffs. “Who wears shorts in a monsoon?” they cry, their umbrellas becoming shields against fashion faux pas. A silent rebellion brews as the people cling to their winter garments like cherished mementos.

When life gives you rain, make raincoats

Amidst the chaos, the enterprising souls of Kashmir find silver linings in the perpetually gray clouds. Craftsmen, tailors, and street vendors team up to create a booming raincoat industry. Neon hues and eye-catching patterns grace the streets, as Kashmiri residents transform themselves into walking works of art. Rain becomes an opportunity for self-expression, and the gloomy weather inadvertently sparks a kaleidoscope of creativity.


As summer remains an enigma, casting shadows on Kashmir’s normally sun-kissed landscape, the people adapt, laugh, and find solace in the absurdity of it all. They navigate the ever-changing weather with a blend of resilience and humour, their fashion choices an amalgamation of winter warmth and summer dreams. Perhaps, in the midst of this satirical dance, they discover that it is not the weather that defines them, but their unwavering spirit and ability to adapt, come rain or sunshine.


And so, dear reader, as you close the web browser after reading this satirical tale, spare a thought for the perplexed souls of Kashmir. In their quest for the perfect outfit amidst the tumultuous weather, they find a lesson in embracing life’s unpredictability. For in the end, it is not the clothes we wear that truly matter but the stories we weave, the laughter we share, and the warmth we find in the company of loved ones, no matter the weather outside.



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