Pulwama’s new favourite ice cream spot

PULWAMA — Anyone who has had the opportunity to go through Pulwama’s Rajpora Chowk and watch the maze-like traders yelling out various prices would attest to the fact that the location exudes a certain type of charm. But many people are unaware that something much more interesting lurks within this busy street.

As you’ll find out, there’s a stall, Matka Kulfi, that’s been there for months that sells the purest yet tasty ice creams that anyone won’t stop raving about after tasting just a single bite.

Ghulam Nabi Malik, who lives in Chatapora area of the south Kashmir district, is the man behind the ice cream spot, which has been getting popular among the locals within a short span of three months.

According to Malik, he used to sell these ice creams some 20 years ago but resumed the business again after two decades. “I started selling ice creams again after Eid al-Fitr this year and the response of the customers is just amazing. Whoever takes a bite of the ice cream is all praise for the purity and delicious taste,” Malik says.

He added that due to some personal issues, unfolding situations and also the recent lockdowns, he could not continue the business. “But this year, I finally decided to resume the same as I had no other option.”

The 60-year-old ice cream seller earns an average of Rs 3000 per day and is a real-life example of how even a small stall can become a good earning source for people who have very little money to invest.

Claiming that there are no unhealthy ingredients in his ice creams, Malik says that he makes the ice creams himself and doesn’t compromise on the quality of the ingredients.

Accepting employment opportunities have dwindled for the youth in Jammu and Kashmir, especially after the Coronavirus-induced lockdown, the sexagenarian says that young people need to start with a small venture and then scale the same to not only earn for themselves but become an employer. “It involves an element of risk but it is worth it,” Malik says with a smile.



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