Pulwama figures among TB-free districts of India

PULWAMA — Pulwama district in the southern region of Kashmir has been declared as one of the eight Tuberculosis-free districts of India. With the efforts of anti-TB medical personnel, the district has been cleared of a deadly disease.

In a survey report released by World Health Organization (WHO) in 2021, it has been revealed that there has been a 60% reduction in TB-like disease in Pulwama district.

Another report released by the District Health Department Pulwama with the help of Asha workers after an absolute analysis of the deadly disease in about eight lakh people also declared the district as free from Tuberculosis.

However, a doctor, Khursheed Ahmad, while reacting to the development “The credible role played by Asha workers in controlling this deadly disease is somehow forgotten.”

He said that the tireless efforts of Chief Medical Officer Pulwama have paid off today and that Pulwama district has been cleared of this deadly disease.

It is worth mentioning that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has helped in fighting TB. “We want to make the year 2021 TB-free,” he said on the sidelines of an initiative under the NTEP TB eradication program.

The Prime Minister said that there was a need for more and lasting attention to achieve the goal of tackling the disease as a whole and to make India TB-free.

“A national TB eradication program is underway to increase efforts to combat TB and further strengthen the provision of related services. This is possible only when the people use the spirit of democracy on a large scale and by raising awareness, create this trend in their areas to encourage hygiene and remove the stigma from TB patients. In this regard, the movement against this disease will be successful,” he said.

He highlighted the importance of immediate access to public health services and ensuring full participation and cooperation from different regions in different phases of TB treatment, as well as the importance of area-based groups.

The Central Government has encouraged the District Administration Pulwama to be at the forefront among the eight TB-free districts of India.

Various associations of Pulwama district including political, social, religious and trade organizations congratulated the medical personnel working tirelessly against this deadly disease. The unions also urged the provincial administration to encourage anti-TB staff in the district.



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