Non-gazetted Health employees across UT to be transferred

SRINAGAR — Jammu Kashmir Government has decided to transfer all non-gazetted employees who have completed two to five years of placement at the same place.

According to CNS, the J&K Administrative department has given a green signal to Director Health Services Srinagar and Jammu and has authorised them to transfer non-gazetted employees in Jammu as well as in Kashmir who have completed two to five years in one place.

The government has authorized and directed Health Department for affecting the transfers of non-gazetted staff. Accordingly in the first phase, the transfers of the staff who have completed five years of services at one place and thereafter the staff who have completed more than two years will be done.

All the transfers shall be effected strictly as per the calendar for transfer, prescribed in the Transfer Policy notified vide Government Order №948-JK (GAD) of 2020; Dated: 15–10–2020.

Meanwhile, the government has directed Director Health Services Kashmir that a copy of transfer orders in this regard may also be endorsed to the Administrative Department for information/appraisal of the authorities.

Anti-Corruption Bureau has also forwarded their alert Note №118/2021 (PE-SLK-21/2019) to the Government regarding the same.



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