KUTA creates ideological-narrative framework for a ‘terrorist-secessionist network’, claims report

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3 min readMay 15, 2022

SRINAGAR — J&K Government is all set to dismiss the services of various staffers at Kashmir University who are accused of playing an active role in creating and sustaining the ideological-narrative framework necessary for a militant-secessionist network.

The official documents accessed by news agency Kashmir Dot Com reveal that Kashmir University Teachers Association (KUTA) has been on the radar for a long time and it has been found that KUTA is responsible for creating a militant-secessionist network.

The term of former KUTA President Prof Mohammad Hussain has also remained controversial. Hussain is also facing internal inquiry for misappropriation of funds but using his influence, the inquiry was never completed till date. He is also facing charges of forgery.

The official documents reveal KUTA is one of the half-a-dozen associations that had played an extremely important role in creating and sustaining the ideological-narrative framework necessary for a militant-secessionist network to thrive and succeed in Kashmir’s case as part of a well-thought strategy designed by the hostile Pakistani intelligence agency ISI to eventually defeat the Indian state by turning its own instruments against itself and making the Indian state finance its own meltdown.

“KUTA has never been a legal entity. It has avoided registering itself under the relevant laws and yet has managed to manipulate the system to its advantage. For example, it has been allowed to open accounts in the Bank and have financial transactions even though it has not complied with legal requirements of registering itself with a declared memorandum of association or a constitution,” the official documents reveal.

Recently, the government sacked a Chemistry professor of KU and one of the departments issued clear instructions to its staffers and students to not hold protests against the move. “However, one of the professor used one of the close friend who holds one of the prestigious position at KU to plant a news story against that department in an effort to pressurize the department to revoke such directions and allow staffers and students to protest,” said KU insiders, adding, “The news story was planted in a local daily.”

“We have taken the cognizance of the matter and investigation will be taken to its logical conclusions as to how the KU official managed to plant a story and the role of all those who played an active role in this conspiracy,” said an official.

The official report further reveals that post abrogation of Article 370, two discreet analyses of academic and student activities in the KU have so far been conducted and results show that an overwhelming majority of faculty are free from the blemish of secessionist thinking and activities. “The analysis of non-teaching staff is still underway.”

“As regards the teaching staff, only three have been found to be contaminated to an extent that requires immediate attention. There are 12 others who have been assessed to be contaminated to a lesser degree, requiring a different type of graded response. There is a third category of 24 others who may need counseling and observation only,” the report, according to KDC, reads.

“In the interest of national security, it is very desirable that the university administration be suitably advised to take measures necessary to restore the normal academic environment free from pernicious influences of secessionism. Moreover, some long-term measures may be considered to prevent the practice of recruitment marked by favoritism, corruption and nepotism,” the report added.



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