How to Sell Cryptocurrency for Cash?

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3 min readJun 19, 2024


Selling your cryptocurrency for cash is a great move, especially when you need money urgently. Even the most diehard hodlers occasionally cash out their assets when the need arises. Crypto investors usually sell their bitcoins after making significant gains or when they believe that market conditions may not be favourable over the next few weeks.

Whatever your reason for wanting to sell your crypto for cash, you can take advantage of exchanges with flexible limits and low fees to sell your assets at the best rates. There are several ways to sell your crypto instantly for cash. The method you opt for will likely depend on your priorities, such as convenience, transaction fees, and security.

3 Tips on How to Sell Cryptocurrency for Cash

Here are three simple tips on how to sell your crypto for cash:

1. Visit the Nearest Bitcoin Shop

You can easily turn your crypto into cash if you visit a nearby physical Bitcoin exchange. Are you wondering how to sell cryptocurrency for cash in places like Turkey? You can use the NakitCoins on-site BTC exchange to sell your crypto for cash instantly and privately.

Physical Bitcoin exchanges are convenient in many ways. First of all, they eliminate the risks of falling victim to scams since you get to sell your assets in person rather than with an anonymous partner online. Another benefit of choosing on-site exchanges is that they give the best rates to sell your crypto without any limits.

2. Use Coinbase

You can also use a centralized exchange such as Coinbase to convert your crypto into cash. This popular online exchange has a user-friendly buy-and-sell feature that allows users to trade in any crypto of their choice. Once you choose your preferred crypto and the amount, you can swiftly exchange your assets for cash, which goes into your Coinbase balance. Coinbase users have the option to transfer their cash into their bank accounts.

Although this exchange works fine for many cryptocurrency investors, going with other exchanges is not a bad idea. Some of the industry-leading cryptocurrency cash-out platforms include Binance and Kraken.

3. Use a Bitcoin ATM

Bitcoin ATMs are a convenient method of buying and selling cryptocurrency for cash. Unlike regular bank ATMs that deal with only fiat currency, Bitcoin ATMs let users buy cryptocurrency with cash and sell their assets using generated invoices.

Several types of Bitcoin ATMs exist, with some accepting cash while others integrate with digital wallets. You can locate a nearby Bitcoin ATM in your area by searching on Google or using the Coin ATM Radar website.

If you have some cryptocurrency holdings you want to sell, then consider taking advantage of the above methods to cash out your funds. Not all shops accept Bitcoin payment, so converting your crypto into cash will make it easier to purchase everyday goods and services.

Smart cryptocurrency investors capitalize on early cash-outs to make profits when the Bitcoin price surges. Others also consider selling their assets to diversify their portfolio and reduce the risk of losses.

It’s worth noting that regulations and tax obligations may apply to cryptocurrency transactions in your country. Choosing trusted exchanges like NakitCoins that comply with industry laws will put you on the safer side.



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