Flash flood hits Tenghar village in Pulwama

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2 min readApr 20, 2024

PULWAMA — In a harrowing ordeal for the residents of Tenghar village in southern Kashmir’s Pulwama district, a sudden flash flood wreaked havoc, inundating over a dozen homes and causing extensive damage to household belongings late Friday night.

The catastrophe unfolded as incessant rainfall over several days led to a sharp rise in the water level of a nearby river, culminating in a surge of water that breached its banks and surged into residential areas.

Reports indicate that the flash flood, striking around 11 pm, caught residents off guard, triggering panic and chaos as water inundated homes, including toilets and washrooms. The aftermath was extensive damage, with mats, rugs, and other belongings damaged by the muddy deluge.

Furthermore, the agricultural livelihoods of many households suffered a blow, as kitchen gardens and vegetable patches near the riverbanks bore the brunt of the flooding, compounding the residents’ woes.

Speaking to The Kashmir Pulse, affected residents lamented the recurrent nature of such disasters and criticized the apparent lack of effective response from the authorities. They recounted previous instances of flooding and highlighted the failure of the administration to address the underlying issues.

Residents described frantic efforts to ensure the safety of their loved ones, particularly women and children, during the night when the flash floods struck. Despite their distress, they noted a lack of official assistance, with only local police providing minimal support.

While employees from the Department of Irrigation & Flood Control visited affected families on Saturday, residents expressed disappointment, stating that officials merely assessed the damage without providing practical assistance such as pumps or cleaning equipment to mitigate the impact of the muddy water inundating their homes.

In the wake of the calamity, residents issued a fervent plea to district authorities, urging swift intervention and the construction of robust defences against potential future flash floods.



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