Best low-budget franchises in India

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4 min readJun 29, 2022

Franchises are a great way to start your entrepreneurial journey. You get to learn finance and marketing under an established brand and become acquainted with the tricks of the trade. However, whether you should choose the Lal PathLab franchise or the Lenskart franchise depends on many factors but most importantly on the initial investment.

So, here we have made a list of some of the best low-budget franchises in India so that you could decide what’s best for you.

DPS Global Playschool

Pre-School DPS Global Playschool is one of the most affordable franchise business opportunities in India. The brand has been in operation since 1994, and it is one of the best-known names in the pre-school segment. The company has a proven track record, and it offers several benefits to its franchise owners.

The total investment to start up this business is Rs 2 crore. This includes the cost of land, construction and other expenses that are required for setting up your play school. You can become a part of this network by paying an initial payment of Rs 1 lakh and then making monthly payments thereafter until you have paid off your total investment amount.

You will also have to pay an annual fee that ranges between Rs 1 lakh and Rs 2 lakh, depending on which city you choose to set up your play school in.

Kathi Junction

Kathi Junction is the largest food chain in India. The brand was started by a group of friends in 2005 and now it has more than 300 outlets spread across India. The company offers delicious wraps, sandwiches and burgers at an affordable price. The company offers franchisees a wide variety of food items including wraps, sandwiches, burgers, fries and soft drinks at affordable prices.

The company has been able to grow rapidly due to its focus on providing quality products at affordable prices. The company has also been able to reduce its operational costs by outsourcing some of its operations such as cleaning etc., which helps it reduce costs further for its customers.

Louis Salon

Louis Salon is a trusted salon brand in India, which offers high-quality services at affordable prices. It is one of the best choices for women and men who want to look their best at all times. The company has been in business for several years now and it has grown over the years to become one of the most successful businesses in its industry. The company operates more than 200 salons across India and it is still growing rapidly. The company has also expanded its operations to other countries like Bangladesh and Sri Lanka where there is a lot of growth potential.

The success of Louis Unisex Salon can be attributed to the fact that it provides quality services at reasonable prices. This ensures that even those people who are on a tight budget can afford their services without having to compromise on quality or quantity. The company also provides customers with discounts when they purchase products or services from them regularly so that they can save money on their next visit as well.

The British Institute and English Pillars

The British Institute is one of the oldest language institutes in India. It has been a pioneer in the field of education for many decades now. The institute offers courses in English, French, Spanish and German languages. It also conducts teacher training courses and specialised courses for those who want to become teachers. The institute is headquartered in Delhi and has branches in different cities across India. This franchise opportunity offers all the services that are required by students from all walks of life.

The franchisee can choose to work from anywhere as he or she can conduct classes on Skype or any other online platform. The franchise fee for this business opportunity is Rs 5 lakhs with an initial investment of Rs 1 lakhs and it takes about six months for completion of training.

Chai Sutta Bar

Chai Sutta Bar franchise is one of the most lucrative opportunities to make money at a low investment. The Chai Sutta Bar sells tea of various kinds in a traditional yet stylish way. Getting this franchise right now can be a great way to get into a company with a great prospect right at the starting or the tipping point.

The Chai Sutta Bar turnover has already crossed 100 Crores, hence you can be sure of getting your returns back.



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