10 quick tips to ace at block puzzle games

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5 min readMar 18, 2022

Gamers have an admirable reputation. Whether you’re exploring a fantasy world full of mystery or fighting for your life on the battlefield, online gaming offers one unique treasure: a healthy mind.

By solving puzzles, you are helping your brain stay sharp and have fun simultaneously. If you think that sounds boring, consider the benefits of playing games: Playing block puzzle games can help improve memory recall, decrease stress levels and ease sensory overload caused by narrow attention spans. This has a positive effect on other areas of your life as well! Block puzzle games take up your mental energy for hours without you even realizing it.

Watch blocks fall on your computer screen or device and place them in their correct places to solve puzzles as this requires immense hand-eye coordination and mental flexibility. Here are 10 quick tips to ace block puzzle games.

Target the horizontal and vertical lines

The objective of the block puzzle game is not to pile up as many bricks as possible. It’s about creating a line by lining up vertical and horizontal blocks covering spaces on the game board. When you complete a line, you can gain points and free space on the board. This is what makes this game more challenging than others of its kind, which are typically about stacking the most bricks or matching shapes and colours.

Those things may get you some points, but in this block puzzle game, creating lines and eventually covering spaces on the board with either horizontally or vertically placed pieces will make your gameplay more interesting!

Plan beforehand

Unfortunately, some players are so engrossed and focused on clearing out rows and columns that they’re not even aware of what’s going on around them. Thankfully, a game does not last forever — no matter how long you might play or how quickly it seems to run. And when this happens, you may discover an abundance of blocks at the end of a row that just cannot fit in anywhere on the board, unfortunately causing the game to come to an early close. At the same time, this hodgepodge of sorts is used up and changes hands many times over.

We strongly urge you to avoid creating situations like these by controlling your moves carefully, correctly analyzing the fragments available, and trying to plan for possible future outcomes. If you want to stay in the running and playing until someone finally wins, we suggest that you employ this strategy to help yourself achieve success.

Don’t stack blocks on the board

Be sure to place the blocks accordingly. It would help to think about what pieces suit your strategy before placing them onto the grid. You also have to have a good sense of timing and aim as you will be able to place your pieces faster than your opponent can, so don’t worry if you slip up sometimes too!

Clear multiple columns

In a block puzzle game, you score points by clearing lines. However, large numbers of similarly coloured rows or columns aren’t as immediately apparent to both yourself and your opponent as individual flying birds trapped in the same cage.

By targeting specific areas, you are not only scoring points quickly, but this will also distract (confuse) your foe, who may end up taking longer than necessary to select their next move or ultimately losing track altogether and making mistakes which you can then capitalize.

Avoid leaving single spaces and single unconnected blocks

Single blocks are rare, and in most cases, one must have at least two pieces on either side to make a line. If you can’t seem to make a line, look closely at the sides of your screen to see whether or not there are any other ways you can place the block.

Steer clear of 3×3 square piece

It can be downright annoying when a seemingly impossible goal is set, and it interferes with the progress of your hard work. Make the necessary changes to remove this annoyance. One way to avoid 3X3 blocking is to consider creating space for the 3X3 square piece before you place any block and keep an eye out for it as you proceed with building in your block puzzle game.

Leave space for 3x3 squares

In block puzzle games, giant blocks appear a lot. It’s not uncommon for some of them to start appearing earlier than their intended state in the free build. As you probably learned from previous games, if this happens, it results in your game being over. But you’re more prepared this time! Rather than letting them ruin your build, remember that these are new blocks, and you should always leave space for them to fall in, like this 9-square hole.

Attack the corners

To beat the timer, you must ensure that your strategies are well thought out. A tried and true tactic is to place the blocks from the screen’s corner instead of the middle. After filling in corners first, you’re able to save time in later rounds because you won’t be wasting time making trips across the board or grid. With this effective strategy, what should usually take multiple moves becomes an easy one — saving you precious seconds!

Focus more on creating lines than blocks

There are several ways to clear a line. You can clean it up with a single swipe, or you can take three turns in a row. Still, the most exciting and complex approaches involve lining up extraordinary formations of shapes like diagonals or diamonds.

Consider the order before moving

The game won’t let you do anything new until you have at least three blocks on the board. And many games have ended prematurely because the player couldn’t remember the importance of using some confusing shape that took up a lot of space in your design.

Final words

When you come across some of the best block puzzle games, you must use tactics and strategies to maximize your score. Practice is recommended, especially for new players before they go live. Make sure you get accustomed to the controls as well to ensure victory!

The better your strategic thinking is and the easier it is for you to understand what’s going on, the higher your score will be — so keep pounding away and remember to pace yourself, there are even “speed” rounds where you can go hardcore or chill out for a while. Good luck!



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